Summer holiday in Feldthurns - Take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine

The farm puts our guests in high spirits. The meadows bloom in all their glory. The scent of the flowers lures in Grandpa Vinzenz’s bees. They fly from blossom to blossom to suck the nectar from the flower head, which will then be turned into honey. Once the grass has grown in the meadows, Farmer Herbert fires up his mower: it’s time for the grass to be cut for the first time in the year. This also known as the “heu”. The cut grass is left in the meadows and turned twice to dry it out. After two days, it is brought into the barn and aerated with warm air. Plenty of manual labour is required as the meadows are steep in places and there is always a number of things to do in the barn.

The young cattle arrives in the alpine meadow in mid-June and stays for the entire summer. This is also when the grass is cut for the second time in the year (also known as the “grummet”). Hikers head for the mountains in good weather to enjoy their summer holiday in Feldthurns. The summer sun ripens the vegetables in the garden. The soil needs to be watered, weeded and broken up on a regular basis. It gets very warm and dry at the height of summer. On many days, the temperature rises above 30°C. The grass has been cut for the third time in the year (known as the “pofl”), and is now gathered.

At the end of summer, Grandpa Vinzenz drives the bees out of their hives with smoke and carefully opens the sealed honeycombs with a knife. The honey is separated from the honeycombs’ wax in the honey extractor.

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Our tips for your summer holiday in Feldthurns:

  • The mountains are calling: see the most beautiful parts of the Isarco Valley for yourself on countless high-altitude, hut-to-hut or mountain hiking tours. And it’s now even easier to do so with the hikers’ shuttle bus!
  • The world famous Spheres of Teis: highlights from the depths of the earth await in the Mineral Museum in Teis.
  • Visit natural monuments: whether you clamber through the Gilfenklamm gorge in Vipiteno or the Earth Pyramids on the Ritten high plateau – these natural spectacles promise to leave a lasting impression!
  • A fun swim in the cool water: the outdoor swimming pools in Feldthurns and Klausen and the Acquarena swimming pool facilities in Bressanone are a pure delight. Those who prefer a more natural setting can bathe in the local lakes and ponds.
  • rafting adventure: hurtle in a boat over the raging water of the Isarco river between Vipiteno and Franzensfeste.
  • Accompanied by four-legged friends: visitors can head off from the farm and go on long walks in any season.