Winter holiday in Feldthurns - Time for the natural world to go to bed

Meadows and gardens settle down, the hay is stored in the barn, the store cupboards are full of apples, potatoes and onions, and juices, fruit, vegetables and fruit spreads line the shelves: bring on the winter. The days become colder and the first snow falls to the great excitement of skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, who now have the perfect conditions for an eventful winter holiday in Feldthurns under the glorious winter sun.

Timber and firewood are now stored, so that it can be cut in the sawmill for carving and joinery once the snow has melted. Farmer Herbert and Grandpa Vinzenz receive orders in the joinery or carving workshop almost every day, otherwise there are always repairs to be done in the main building and the barn. The pigs are taken to slaughter and most of the meat is smoked in our own smokehouse and made into succulent South Tyrolean speck.

Once the days slowly start getting longer in February, and everything begins to thaw under the warm spring sunshine, Farmer Herbert’s wife Walli prepares the soil for the new season, sows the radishes and plants the lettuce in the vegetable garden’s greenhouse: nature begins to come alive again.

Our tips for your winter holiday in Feldthurns:

  • Go on a snowshoe hike or a ski tour in the tranquillity of nature: away from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes, an idyllic winter wonderland awaits on the alpine pastures in Feldthurns, Villanders and Barbian.
  • Off on a ski safari in the Dolomites: from the Thalerhof, guests can get to all of the ski resorts in the Isarco Valley, as well as their famous neighbours, such as Val Gardena and Alta Badia in the world-famous Dolomiti Superski ski carousel, including transfers to the ski resorts and a ski guide.
  • Experience the Christmas markets: whether you want to visit the original ones in Bolzano and Brixen or the rustic and tranquil one in Klausen, South Tyrol’s Christmas markets are guaranteed to get you in a festive mood.
  • Museums for culture lovers: if the weather decides not to play along, South Tyrol is home to a number of popular museums. The region has something for every taste, whether you opt for the Museum of Klausen or the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano with star exhibit Ötzi the Iceman.
  • Accompanied by four-legged friends: visitors can head off from the farm and go on long walks in any season.