Farmyard stay in the Isarco Valley

The Thalerhof: authentic and down-to-earth

A farmyard stay at the Thalerhof in South Tyrol’s Isarco Valley means being at one with nature, encountering animals and experiencing rural life first-hand every day… in addition to simply relaxing in a tranquil and authentic setting.

The perfect way to start your day

Enjoy a delicious farmer’s breakfast with our home-made farmyard produce on your private sun terrace. Guests can expect a colourful breakfast basket with delicious fruit spreads, freshly baked bread, fresh milk from the farm, eggs from our chickens, pastries, sausages, cheese, fruit juices, coffee, tea and yoghurt...

Gifts of the earth

We plant lettuces, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, cabbage and various herbs in our vegetable garden. We are happy to share the fruits of our labour with our guests, who are welcome to help themselves at any time! The fruits and vegetables grown in the ground are also turned into fruit spreads, sauerkraut and so much more. Guests are welcome to take these and our home-made honey, smoked speck and kaminwurzen sausages as well as chestnuts and walnuts home with them as a memento.

Chestnuts: sumptuous and multi-talented

The chestnut is one of the emblems of Feldthurns, and there is a wealth of history and tradition behind this nut. The Thalerhof owns more than 30 chestnut trees, known locally as “Keschtnbäume”. In autumn, we harvest a few hundred kilograms of sweet chestnuts, which are an integral part of the “Törggelen”, the traditional South Tyrolean meal eaten in autumn. The beautiful and durable wood from the chestnut tree is also used in many ways in our sculpture and woodwork workshop, and the leaves are used as bedding for our cattle.

The farmyard animals

We have around 15 calves in our stable, which are taken to our alpine pasture between June and September for a bit of a summer break. A few rabbits, two guinea pigs and three pigs as well as Lilli the cat and Schnurri the tomcat also live on the farm and are all partial to a bit of tender loving care from time to time. Our chickens are very happy to have a huge run and their eggs are loved by all: they are included in the breakfast basket and used in our traditional South Tyrolean dishes.

Our busy bees

Bees have been kept on the Thalerhof for several generations now. Grandpa Vinzenz is the proud owner of around 20-25 bee colonies, which he tends to with great care. The delicious honey can be harvested from the hives from mid-July. Honey is used in many ways in cooking as well as in traditional healing remedies. It is a well-known cure for coughs and wounds and is also used in beauty products.

Home-made speck

In keeping with tradition, our pigs are sent to slaughter after Christmas. The legs are then dry cured with salt, pepper and various herbs. The recipe for the mix of herbs is top secret and is passed on from generation to generation. The meat is smoked in our smokehouse and the legs go through an air-drying process. The speck matures after 22 weeks and can finally be consumed.

Kneipp water treatments

Guests are welcome to try out the refreshing and invigorating water treading treatment in the Kneipp basin with Walli, Farmer Herbert’s wife. Participants tread in the water like a stork, and those who are willing can take a cold arm bath in the fountain trough to revitalise their mind and body afterwards. Deep breathing and mindfulness are good for your body.

Pure relaxation

Deepen your relaxation with Walli (Farmer Herbert’s wife) as you go on an imaginary journey or meditation combined with the soothing sounds of the singing bowl and movement exercises in the great outdoors.

Energy from renewable sources

Our entire farmhouse has been heated with a wood burner using wood from our own forest since 1996. In summer, water is heated in an efficient solar heating system. In 2010, a photovoltaic system was also installed on the farm building. The Thalerhof has been energy-self-sufficient ever since.

Various holiday apartments await guests at the Thalerhof, who can also enjoy the barbecue facilities for a communal feast, a sunbathing lawn and a large playground with a play kitchen, slide, swing set and sandpit where kids are free to run wild. A ping-pong table keeps guests of all ages entertained and active. And if that’s not enough for you, you can head out into the great outdoors where there are plenty of hikes and mountain tours just waiting to be explored. We have plenty of information and brochures on the holiday region and we are happy to offer you individual advice on your farmyard stay in South Tyrol’s Isarco Valley.